Pre terminated patch panels and cables.

Pre terminated patch panels and cables.

NextGen pre-terminated fiber cable provides easy installation supplying to Data Centers, Data Networking Installation Companies and Network Managers.

Benefits from Pre-Terminated Fiber

  • Highest Performance Guaranteed
    A guaranteed consistent high quality low loss performance which can only be achieved from a machine polished product in a controlled manufacturing environment
    Direct connectorisation + Multi-stage machine polishing = Lowest losses possible
  • Fast Installation
    With no on-site termination and no set up costs, installation time is reduced, expensive termination equipment is not required. Projects can be completed in fewer days reducing number of trips to site.
  • Reduced Direct Costs
    Direct comparisons show that the cost of installing pre-terminated cables is much less than on-site termination methods, even when travelling time and expense is excluded.
  • More Cabling Options
    Use of ruggedized harnesses, crush resistant cable, MTP solutions and other direct links can help reduce rack space requirements.
  • Reduced investment
    No expensive equipment required such as Fusion splicers, OTDRs. No extensive training required.

 Loose Tube, Tight buffered indoor out door type OM1, OM2, OM3, OM4, SM types using MPO, FC, LC, SC & ST connectors for the standard length 50 meter,75 meter,100 meter & 150 meter available depends on the standard requirement.

  Pre Terminated 1U Rackmount Panel