NextGen fiber optic closures are suitable for such laying modes as overhead,pipelined, direct buried, etc. It adopts direct-passing or branch connecting ways that will protect the fiber cable when they are connected, branched, distributed and stored. Inline closure suitable for mid span splicing for the live cables. Dome closures are suitable for straight jointing or branch splicing in manholes and hand holes.

The product applies to the single-core and ribbon optical fibers and cables. It adopts a new sealing mode, which is unique, innovative and suitable for all sizes of optical fibers, with effective sealing performance, easy for operation and convenient for reuse.

Product range available 12 core , 24 core, 48 core and 96 core arrangements differnt splice tray arrangements.

  Inline Splice Closure 12F - 96F   Dome Splice Closure 12F - 144F   Dome Splice Closure 216F   INLINE SPLICE CLOSURE 24F, 48F & 96F